Photo Contest Submission

I submitted these 4 photos to Guru Shots for their weekly photo competition. Since it was my first time using their site, my photos were put into the “Newbie of the Week” challenge. The submission process was very simple; I just had to type in my email and create a password. I then uploaded my images and it automatically put them into a competition. From my understanding, people will vote on their favorites from the week and the one with the most votes will win a prize. I’m interested to see who the winners are.

Here is a link to where I submitted them:

Photos submitted 12/3/18


Top 5 Images


These pictures were my favorite 5 images from the semester. I feel like these images showcase how I was able to learn a lot of lighting techniques especially. Between these photos, I used natural lighting, a reflector, and a speedlight. I was able to balance the lights and shadows on interesting subjects to get clear and sharp images with a good amount of contrast. I was also able to capture really nice colors and depth of field in these images.




For my photobook, I compiled all of my best work from this past semester. This included work in depth, capturing a landscape perspective, a series, creative shots, portraits, fine art, and macro. I had the chance to capture a lot of different types of shots with a variety of cameras, lenses, and camera settings. A good portion of the photos I included were from a ghost town in Bannack, Montana. We had the opportunity to photograph the buildings there as well as models who came and dressed in period-appropriate attire.

To put the book together, I created an InDesign document using the measurements from Blurb to make a magazine-style book. I had to lighten a lot of my photos in order for them to print properly. I then arranged my favorite photos on the pages and used a dark brown bar as my repeating element throughout the book.


For these Macro photos, I used a Canon 5D Mark 2 with a Macro lens. The macro lens alone didn’t allow me get close enough to my subjects so I added a filter to the lens. We had a lot of different stations set up around the classroom, but the one I was able to get the best shots at was the station with the sunflowers. We set lights up right above the subjects to get optimal lighting on our subjects.


Bannack- Fine Art

Fine art shots captured around the Bannack Ghost Town in Bannack, Montana. I really loved the wallpaper peeling back in one of the run-down buildings so I got a few shots of that. I also got some shots of the preserved antique details, such as items in the kitchen and old door knobs. I used all natural lighting for these shots and loved how dramatic the lighting looked as a result.

Bannack- Creative Series


I took this photo in the hotel at the Bannack Ghost Town. The model lay on a table to suspend her in the air, which I edited out in Photoshop.



This photo was taken on the stairs in the hotel. I increased my shutter speed to 5 seconds to make the model look like a ghost.



I took this photo at a cemetery a few minutes outside of the Bannack Ghost Town. I then edited in the spider webs and changed the sky from blue to dark purple to make it look like it was taken later in the day and to make it more eerie.



I took this photo with the stream in the background to make it look more natural. I made some tweaks and added text in Photoshop.



The story I wanted to tell with this image is of two people who are briefly connected to each other as they pass by.